New Payment Policy:

To better serve you and streamline our processes, we are updating our payment policy to enhance efficiency and minimize associated costs.

Starting June 1, 2024, the following payment methods will be in effect:

  1. Bank Wire Transfers: Effective June 1, 2024, we will only accept payments via bank wire transfers for all orders. This change ensures prompt receipt of funds, reducing delays caused by USPS issues, late bank checks, and general late payments.

  2. Exceptions for Orders of $5000 or Less:

    • For orders totaling $5000 or less, payments via bank checks sent by FedEx will be accepted.

    • Alternatively, credit card payments will be accepted with a 4% convenience fee.

To maintain timely and efficient transactions, please note the following late payment policy:

  • The first late payment will incur a 2% per month interest in late fees.

  • The second late payment will incur a 4.5% per month interest in late fees.

  • Subsequent late payments will incur a 7% per month interest in late fees.

We have experienced issues with payments arriving late due to USPS delays, banks sending checks late, and customers simply paying late by check. This has led to storage and handling expenses that impact our operations. Therefore, implementing these new payment methods is crucial for ensuring timely and efficient service to you.

We are implementing this policy to ensure your orders are processed and shipped without delays, ultimately benefiting your operations.

This update aims to serve you better and maintain the excellent business relationship we value with you.