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100% Fresh, filtered air

Upto 90% lower energy costs

Upto 90% lower CO2 emissions

IntrCooll - Two-stage Adiabatic Cooling - Oxycom

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Revolutionize Your Air Handling with Oxycom IntrCooll Plus

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, maintaining optimal temperature and air quality is not just about comfort—it's about efficiency, productivity, and, most importantly, energy conservation. That's where Oxycom's IntrCooll Plus system steps in, offering an adiabatic upgrade to your existing Air Handling Units (AHU) that transcends conventional cooling methods.

Experience Excellent Cooling with Dual-Stage Adiabatic Process

The IntrCooll Plus system isn't just an addition to your AHU—it's a transformative upgrade. Employing a dual-stage adiabatic cooling process, it enhances your existing units, providing a cooling solution that's both effective and energy-efficient.

Energy Efficiency at Its Core

In the world where energy consumption is under constant scrutiny, IntrCooll Plus is the ultimate energy-saving solution. By pre-cooling the air, the system lowers energy use drastically, serving as a testament to your commitment to sustainability.

Peak Power Management

The true power of IntrCooll lies in its ability to manage peak loads. By pre-cooling outside air, the load on mechanical cooling systems is reduced, leading to a significant drop in energy spikes and costs.

Comfort Meets Productivity

The IntrCooll Plus system creates a well-balanced climate conducive to high productivity. It ensures that both your employees and machinery operate in an environment that's not just comfortable but optimized for performance.

Winter to Summer, Always the Right Temperature

The versatility of IntrCooll Plus shines throughout the year. While in winter, your AHU might suffice with regular ventilation, the summer heat introduces warm outside air into your premises. The IntrCooll Plus upgrade transforms your AHU into a year-round, effective cooling system.

Seamless Integration with Air Conditioning

Combine IntrCooll Plus with traditional air conditioning and witness your energy bills shrink. The system's pre-cooling feature significantly lowers air inlet temperatures, reducing the load on mechanical cooling systems, and allowing for deeper, more cost-effective cooling.

Prioritizing Your Team's Well-Being

Delivering air that's both cool and comfortable, IntrCooll Plus guarantees a working environment where well-being is a priority. Expect a noticeable boost in morale, productivity, and output—all thanks to the superior climate control facilitated by Oxycom's innovative system.

The Unique Two-Stage Cooling Advantage

Stand out with IntrCooll's unique two-stage indirect/direct adiabatic cooling process. This natural cooling method uses cold recirculation water without water evaporation, followed by direct evaporation using the patented Oxyvap®. The result? Lower humidity levels and cooler temperatures than other adiabatic systems can offer.

The Perfect Fit for Multiple Applications

Whether it's retrofitting Air Handling Units, enhancing ventilation systems, or upgrading rooftop units, the IntrCooll Plus system adapts seamlessly. Its installation signifies a commitment to providing only the best climate solutions for your business.

With Oxycom's IntrCooll Plus system, you're not just upgrading your AHU; you're investing in a sustainable, efficient future. Experience the next level of climate control and watch as your business reaps the benefits of cutting-edge cooling technology.

“We are very satisfied with Oxycom's energy-efficient solution which solved the heat problem in our coating department and assembly line. Now we have a pleasant, constant temperature in summer and winter.”
Heico Booyink (C.O.O. Pan Oston)

"Indoor air quality and indoor climate have significantly improved. The cooling effect is noticeably felt by the employees, which has also had a very positive effect on employee motivation." Manuel Lackner HSE Employee Magna Energy Storage Systems

Here's what customers say about Oxycom:

"We no longer have to spray water to keep our condenser cool and running on hot summer days. Next to improving the overall reliability, PreCooll increases the efficiency and reduces our energy bill."
Mr. Boer - JUMBO

"Oxycom’s PreCooll system reduced electricity consumption by 25% and increased cooling capacity by 28%. Our chillers, equipped with PreCooll, operate now at normal load. This increases the chillers' lifetime and ROI."
Sergey Tonkonog - ASTRA-Engineering

"We pre-calculated that we would recoup the investment within 5 years, but I think it will be achieved within 3 years. I have recommended many colleagues to add this system to their cooling installation because I foresee more hot summers to come." Rob Loomans - Albert Heijn Supermarket