Introducing Oxycom
IntrCooll Plus

100% Fresh, filtered air

Upto 90% lower energy costs

Upto 90% lower CO2 emissions


Here's what customers say about Oxycom:

“We are very satisfied with Oxycom's energy-efficient solution which solved the heat problem in our coating department and assembly line. Now we have a pleasant, constant temperature in summer and winter.”
Heico Booyink (C.O.O. Pan Oston)

"Indoor air quality and indoor climate have significantly improved. The cooling effect is noticeably felt by the employees, which has also had a very positive effect on employee motivation." Manuel Lackner HSE Employee Magna Energy Storage Systems

"We no longer have to spray water to keep our condenser cool and running on hot summer days. Next to improving the overall reliability, PreCooll increases the efficiency and reduces our energy bill."
Mr. Boer - JUMBO

"Oxycom’s PreCooll system reduced electricity consumption by 25% and increased cooling capacity by 28%. Our chillers, equipped with PreCooll, operate now at normal load. This increases the chillers' lifetime and ROI."
Sergey Tonkonog - ASTRA-Engineering

"We pre-calculated that we would recoup the investment within 5 years, but I think it will be achieved within 3 years. I have recommended many colleagues to add this system to their cooling installation because I foresee more hot summers to come." Rob Loomans - Albert Heijn Supermarket

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